Space Apps Cairo is calling for mentors to help teams develop non-trivial solutions.
If you have the time and energy for a 48-hour hackathon, as well as the desire
to share your valuable expertise and insights in solving the Space Apps Challenges, then welcome aboard!
As a Space Apps Mentor, you may need to help teams in their ideation processes,
fully understand the challenges related to your field of expertise and be ready for
answering questions, and share your technical advice with the teams.

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Responsibilities (through the preparation period and the 2 days hackathon): 
— Attend the pre-event (optional) 
— Attend the 2 day hackathon.
— Study the chosen challenge(s) very well. 
— Provide a brief presentation about the challenge s/he choose to mentor 
— Help in adding Evaluation rubric 
— Help the assigned team(s) to get along. 
— Guide the team(s) to be on track. — Make sure that team(s) has a reasonable time plan. 
— Provide technical support. 
— Help them to generate ideas and innovate (but don’t override their opinions). 
— Inspire and motivate the team(s) 
— Help them in their final presentation rehearsal. 

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us