Space Apps Cairo is proud to host its local hackathon for the fourth year in a row. Since 2015, it has ranked amongst the most successful city hackathons worldwide; having the largest number of registered applicants globally, producing the largest number of on-site solutions and being the largest event led by women organizers on 19th-20th October 2018
In celebration of the year of Women in Egypt, 52 teams out of the 60 accepted teams had a female participant. And for the first time, one of our Global Nominees became a Global Winner for the best use of hardware projects. Held in ITI, 300 participants collaborated to solve NASA’s challenges on 29th-30th April 2017.
Space Apps Cairo 2016 was the largest event around the world for the second year in a row and was selected by the global organizers to attend and award Cairo the trophy of the extraordinary 2016 Space Apps event. 55 teams competed in Zewail City for Science & Technology on 23rd-24th April 2016.
Space apps Cairo 2015 was announced as the largest event in the world. From 700 over registered participants, 230 participants were chosen to solve NASA’s challenges at Nile University on 11th-12th April 2015.